Important Information of the Operation

Other important information that will help understanding the operation of Corporate’s social responsibility (such as the system, measures and fulfillment of the Company’s environmental protection, community participation, social contribution, social services, consumer rights, human rights, health and other social responsibility activities)

  1. There is no discrimination when it comes to our company’s recruiting; we offer all kinds of insurance according to the law, and provide employees a nice working environment.
  2. We provide investors an open communication system, and release public information in a timely matter to maintain investor’s right.
  3. We perform environmental protection and community participation. The Company and the National Property Administration signed a non-public-owned land trust management contract, and impose landscaping beautification in the subject.

JEAN GROUP’s Human Rights Policy

To enact corporate social responsibility and ensure the basic human rights of all its employees, customers, and stakeholders, JEAN GROUP (Hereinafter called JG) respects and complies with internationally recognized human rights standards/ principles, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, the core labor standards of the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization and other local laws and standards, and formulates relevant company policies and measures according to the abovementioned principles and standards. JG is devoted to eliminate abuses or non-compliance concerning human rights in order to ensure that members within and outside of the company are treated with equality and dignity.

JG’s Human Rights Policy is as follow:

1. Inclusion and equal opportunity
No biased treatment, language, attitude, or behavior may be used due to a person's gender, race, social status, age, marital status, family status, language, religion, party affiliation, nationality, appearance, facial features, or mental/physical disability. JG works hard to create equal employment and eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

2. Eliminate Forced Labor
Respect employee’s freedom, forbid any form of forced labor.

3. Forbid Child Labor
Comply with local minimum age laws and requirements.

4. Fair and reasonable pay and working conditions
Compensate employees with wages and benefits that meet the local legal requirement.

5. Healthy and safe workplace
Provide a safe and healthy working environment to reduce the risks of occupational hazards. Promote mental/physical health of employees, to procure work-life balance.

6. Harmonious Employer/Employee Relationships
Provide various and open communication channels. Regularly conduct employer/employee meetings to procure harmonious employer/employee relationships and conciliate differences effectively.

Maintain Social Welfare

Item Operation Situation Whether if it meets publicly
traded company standard
Corporate Social Responsibility
Code of Practice
I The Company's situation on complying with the relevant labor laws and respects for internationally recognized fundamental labor rights principles, protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees and non-discriminatory employment policies, etc., and establishment of appropriate management method, process and implementation. Our Company in accordance with the relevant labor law, offers healthcare to workers and set aside labor pensions to protect labor rights.
II The Company's situation on providing employee a safe and healthy work environment, and regularly offering safety and health education to employees. Our Company established an employee benefits committee in accordance to the law, provide employees a safe and healthy work environment, fully implement a smoke-free workplace policy, and regularly offers health check, taking care of employee’s welfare.
III The Company's situation on having a regular communication mechanism between staff, and using a reasonable manner noticing employee changes that may result in significant impact of the operation. Each department will have department meetings for two-way communication occasionally; the Management Department will e-mail employees about the company’s operation situation from time to time.
IV The Company's situation on developing and publically displaying its consumer rights policy, and providing a transparent and effective consumer complaints procedure of its products and services. Our Company has not yet established a consumer complaints related department.
V The Company's situation on dedication in working with suppliers to promote corporate social responsibility. Our Company has not yet had any related cooperation with suppliers.
VI The Company's situation on participating in community development and charitable organization activities through commercial activities, donations, corporate volunteer services or other free professional services. Our company is dedicated in participating in charitable activities, such as set up receipt donation boxes for Prader-Willi Syndrome Association, raise gift donations for orphanages in remote areas, charity foundation donations, and participate in World Vision adoptions, etc.

Develop Sustainable Environment

Item Operation Situation Whether if it meets publicly traded company standard
Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice
I The Company's commitment to enhance the efficiency of resources utilization, and use renewable materials that have lower environmental impact. Our Company encourages paper recycling and reuse, promotes garbage recycle and implements paperless operation.
II The Company's situation on establishing appropriate environmental management system base on its industry characteristics. All aspects of our Company’s environmental safety and health are in compliance with relevant regulations and policies.
III The Company’s situation on establishing environmental management units or personnel to maintain the environment. Our Company has set up a worker safety and health personnel in compliance with the law.
IV The Company’s situation on attention to the impact of climate change has on operation activities, and the development of its carbon reduction and greenhouse effect reduction strategies. Our Company pays great attention of the impact of climate change has on operation activities, and promotes the importance of saving energy and reducing carbon footprints.

Promote Implementation of Corporate Governance

Item Operation Situation Whether if it meets publicly traded company standard
Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice
I The Company’s situation on establishing CSR policies or systems, and reviewing of the implementation effectiveness. Our Company has established a CSR Code of Practice and been approved by the Board.
II The Company’s situation on establishing a full (part) time CSR promoting unit. Our Company’s CSR promoting unit is the Management Department and General Manager’s Office, and is continuing pushing it.
III The Company’s situation on regularly organizing business ethics education training and advocacy for Board of Directors, supervisors, and employees, and make this in conjunction with the employee performance assessment system, establish a clear and effective system of reward and punishment. Our Company will hold employee education training and company policy advocacy from time to time depending on the business needs, each department has its management and performance indicator as the basis for work g oals and employee’s performance.

Corporate Sustainability Report

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