Group Profile - Vision

Turning the city blueprint in our dreams into streetscapes of actual feelings and happiness, as well as building a caring, safe, and high quality living environment for the residents, has always been the starting point of all of our thoughts, design and construction. We aim to become the “promoter of architectural aesthetics” that is beyond the industry standard, discipline and quality, in order to create a “new, beautiful, and organized” wonderful city.

Mobility is an important element in the resident’s everyday life. Therefore, our group also invested in the field of in-car electronics system, and made providing residents a safe and happy journey when they are moving about as our mission. Becoming a world-renowned “provider of overall solution” in the in-car electronics field is what we are aiming for.

Sensibility is an ability that transcends “seeing” and “hearing”. This is JEAN Group’s attentiveness. Be attentive and feel; with sensibility can there be art. Only when being professional can it make art blend harmoniously with each other and shine brilliantly at the same time. With artistic as its supplement and professional as its bone, sensibility is the way JEAN Group shows its soft power in artistic temperament.

Artistic, Professional, Sensibility

Execution is to go all out! It is JEAN Group’s essence, energy and spirit. With the help of technology, everything is thoroughly executed through discipline. Vision is our motivator, discipline is our whip, and execution is the intrinsic latent culture of JEAN Group.

Vision, Discipline, Execution

Creativity is the greatest rebel. It is the greatest gift for the continuous progress of mankind, and is JEAN Group’s vitality source of daily renewal. We do not make replicas that have no thoughts; we do not want standard products that contain no breakthrough. Innovation is a habit, knowledge is an accumulation, and creativity is the DNA that makes JEAN Group different from others.

Innovation, Knowledge, Creativity